Education, Examinations and certificates

Al our dogs are full trained an are submitted to several test. In the survey of our kennel you could see to which judgements and tests they have to follow.

E.G. Elementary obedience
V.E.G. Advanced elementary obedience
G.G. Behavior and obedience cynophilal ( This exam is preceded by E.G. and the V.E.G test)
V.Z.H. Traffic secure dog (a dog that acts natural in traffic, shootproof, behavior in traffic, behavior to other dogs and an appeal in preparing of the IPO)
C.Q.N. Certificat des Qualitees (Guard and defending dog)
I.P.O. Guard and defending dog
U.V. Endurance (running 20 Km beside a bicycle)
Agility Agility
C.A.C. Certificat d,Aptitude au Championnat
C.A.C.I.B. Certificat d,Aptitude au Championnat Internationaal de Beaute
H.P.J Hungarian Prima Jugend (Hungarian y. champion)
Kamp. National champion by. C.A.C.
Int. Kamp. International champion by. C.A.C.I.B and I.P.O.
NHSB Dutch pedigree book
LOSH Belgian pedigree book
PE Character -and exterior quality test
Karaktertest (N.V.B.H.) Character test, shottest, soundincentive
HD Heupdysplasie
Belgie Nederland  
A HD - negative, no indication to HD
B HD-TC Changenorm, the so-called light-positives


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