Puppie 3 week old 





Puppies 6 week old ( Yris v.d. Cart Hill Ranch)


Puppies 3 week old ( Yessie v.d. Cart Hill Ranch) geboren 1-12-2005





Puppies  Yessie 3 weken

Puppies  Yessie 3 weken


Puppies  Yessie 3 weken



Adult Dogs for Sale

In some cases it's possible to buy an adult dog. This is possible when we have more dogs from the same bloodline. Sometimes dogs are returned to us when the owner can't take cary anymore of his/her dog. Please mail us for more information.



Puppie page

Below you will find information about our puppies for sale. But first you can see a few pictures of our latest dogs.




If you like we can mail you if new puppies are born. Please give us your address below.

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